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ship with Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon has d

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This stuff is sitting on people's shelves, this stuff is going off on people's houses.This is literally a character that was created with a voice on a TV that exists in people's hearts as a connection, www.alberttross.deand that's all you want.So for me it was really about: you can exist in any space that you go in, no matter if you Adidas NMD Mujer feel like you belong in it or not. These characters are that for me.

What do you mean when you say storytelling?  What stands out?
The hero concept, as well as the teaching. SpongeBob and Patrick:  we never know how old they Asics Gel Lyte 5 Femme are, they're grown-ups, they work everyday. But Patrick doesn't have a frickin' job—he's just SpongeBob's best friend. Then you have Squidward who lives across the street, works with SpongeBob, Nike Air Max 1 Donne hates that they live across from each other, can't get away from each other. Then you have Sandy, who Nike Air Max 720 Femme is really the chill Texan but really has an attitude about her as a woman and holds her own and really challenges everyone. Whether they were going out of the sea or whether they were living without water,Nike Air Presto Damen  she was always Nike Air Presto Mujer challenging them in her own space. She also had to challenge herself to be outside living in water and being  in a frickin' spacesuit. She was in a spacesuit underwater! Like, c'mon, man.



2019-08-30 02:12:22



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