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Teen Defends Her Chinese promenade Dress

Teen Defends Her Chinese promenade Dress once Cultural Appropriation Backlash

A Mormon State young  is defensive her call to wear a standard Chinese cheap wedding dresses to her promenade within the wake of cultural appropriation criticism.

After photos of 18-year-old Keziah Daum movement in an exceedingly red cheongsam—also called a qipao—began to travel infectious agent, the Woods Cross highschool senior was defendant by a number of appropriating the Chinese culture. Daum herself isn't Chinese.

“My culture isn't your goddamn promenade dress,” wrote Twitter user Jeremy Lam in an exceedingly tweet that has been likeable over 178,000 times and retweeted nearly forty two,000 as of weekday morning.

“This isn’t ok. I wouldn’t wear ancient Korean, Japanese or the other ancient dress and I’m Asian,” additional user Jeannie. “I wouldn’t wear ancient Irish or Swedish or Greek dress either. There’s plenty of history behind these garments.”

However, Daum insists she meant no offense which her call was created strictly out of appreciation for the dress’s beauty.

“To everybody inflicting most negativity: I mean no disrespect to the Chinese culture,” she wrote in response to her original post. “I’m merely showing my appreciation to their culture. I’m not deleting my post as a result of bridesmaid dresses I’ve done nothing however show my love for the culture. It’s a f—ing dress. And it’s lovely.” Here in now... you will get more of these related prom dress news!

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2018-05-12 03:43:15



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